Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Purl, Knit, Knit Knit, Purl, Knit Knit Knit, Purl

Ribbed Moss stitch sleeves!! Blech!

This is just a small rant about my current project. One of those things I just need to rant about LOL!

I'm knitting a sweater for my son. I started it before Christmas. Finished the back. Finished the front. Started the sleeves.

The sweater is a pullover with a short zippered mock turtle neck. The bottom bands, the sleeves and the collar are done in Ribbed Moss stitch. Very Simple right? As long as you pay attention it is! It seems to be taking forever to knit these sleeves because on every 4th row I'm increasing on both ends. This changes the stitch order and I have to adjust my brain each row to make sure I'm keeping to the rib pattern. I'm about 2 increases (8 rows) away from being able to knit mindlessly using 2 alternate rows. I'm really hoping to get these sleeves done by Saturday so I can put it together on Sunday and knit the collar. That will give me a few days to play with getting the zipper in properly.

I am going to Thunder Bay to visit on Jan. 28th. I really really want to get this sweater finished and take it with me!! I'll post some pictures when it's done.

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