Sunday, January 08, 2006

Adventures with Sewing

Yes Sewing! as in with a machine!

I used to sew back in the 70's. I'm not good, but I can get by and actually wore some of the items I made. My sewing machine is a 1970's Kenmore Freearm. What a great machine this has been!

10 years ago we bought and moved into a very tiny little house. There was no room for my sewing machine (it's in a nice desk style cabinet). The mother of a good friend of ours was a seamstress by trade. She was in her 70's and didn't want to buy a new machine, so it worked out great to store mine at her house. She made her granddaughter's wedding dress and the bridesmaids' dresses on it. Over the past couple of years she has been losing her eyesight to catacts that are inoperable. So when we moved in July I didn't feel bad getting my sewing machine home.

All I've done with it since July is to make a couple of baby blankets for my granddaughter. This consisted of sewing satin blanket binding onto blanket fleece. Easy Peasy!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been painting. All the curtains and curtain rods are down. The kitchen curtain was a long, ecru, linen scarf. I never did get the knack of hanging it on the rod properly. This morning I looked at it and had a light bulb moment!!

I laid it out and found the center. Put a marking pin at the center point. I measured from the center to the end of the rods, and then measured 2.5 times that on the fabric from the marking pin, both sides and put a pin on each end. This gave the width I need with lots of gathering. I then made a 4 inch deep double pocket across the top, between end pins, using a large basting stitch. Then I sewed two basting lines from the bottom of the pocket, at each end, down the width of the fabric. I gathered these up tight, tied the ends off and VOILA!

After hanging them, I realized I was off center by about 1/2 inch... I also think I'm going to put some gathers on the part that hangs over window so I can pull it up a bit shorter. Overall not too bad for a first attempt and no idea what I was doing LOL!

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Faith Ann said...

Sewing... I'm impressed :)

I can sew straight lines. When I first started working, I was actually pretty keen and made several skirts (that I actually wore). Since then, I limit my sewing to zig-zagging my fabric before starting a new project LOL.

Great job converting the window "scarf" into curtains!!