Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

This is Saturday... only about 4 and a half months after my commitment to 2 posts per week...

So no more promises. Well, One Promise. I promise to be true to my self on this blog. I will speak the truth. Might not be often, might be more often than not.... but it will be truth as it applies to me.

Since my last post I have been sick. Most of the time. Nothing serious, but just enough to get you down. Aches, pains, cough, sinus infection, ear infection, stomach pains..well that's been ongoing for a few years now, but intensified to the point of being sent for all those lovely, personally invasive tests that some sicko invented. If there is somewhere for them to stick a probe, they did it. Nothing. Nada. The medical profession has determined that there is nothing they can find that should be causing me the amount of discomfort I am having. It must be in my head...oh wait... maybe it is!!

I am starting to think that all my aches, pains and illnesses are related to my emotional being. To my inner self. To my spiritual being. It makes sense that if I am an emotional eater and I am fat because I am an emotional eater then it should also follow that my body can be adversely affected by the inner turmoil also.

I have started attending a yoga class. Warm Yin Yoga. I have attended once and really liked it. So much so that after class I purchased a 10 class pass. I'm thinking about attending the restorative yoga class later this morning....

It was my friend Faye that started me on the yoga journey this time (oh yes, I have taken a few classes a couple of years ago). Faye also got me to attend Aqua-size classes with her.... and now it looks like another gym membership may be in my future. Thank you Faye :) Physical journey started.

I have also started reading up on Chakra Healing. Not sure where I'm going with this, but I'm starting to look into it. It's been around for thousands of years, maybe there is something to it?

Does anyone have any opinions on this? Any recommendations for reading?

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