Friday, January 18, 2008

What to do with this yarn? Part 3

knit 020
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How about now? Yup, all those beautiful cables, and they just disappear on this yarn. I decided to rip this out and knit something else.... But WHAT? Back to researching....
Yup, spent the better part of today on Ravelry looking at patterns. On several websites....

First I fell in love with the Wrapigan I was thinking I could do something like this.. but I can't wear that at work. So do I still want this yarn for something to wear on those cold office days, or am I changing my mind totally... Back to research. And yes... WOW!! THIS IS IT!! Isn't that gorgeous!! But wait a minute. That's more cables that will just disappear.

I finally made a decision! I have pulled the back out of the drawer. I have ripped. Ripped right back to the decrease for the armholes, put it back on the needles. Yes, I have decided to just finish this as originally planned. No the cables won't stand out. But it will still serve the purpose of being soft, warm, snuggly and tough!

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