Monday, November 05, 2007

New Needles and Swatching and more De-Stashing....

I finally got my set of Harmony Options! They are beautiful. I admired, I drooled, I made DH drool (okay, he did the obligatory run his finger up the side of one needle, rolled his eyes and asked me if I wanted to go out and play in HIS toolbox. I organized. I knew I'd quickly loose track of what size is what, and never being able to find one my needle gauges when I really need one, I cut that cardboard that the tips were attached on, into strips that would fit in the slots in the little vinyl pouch. So each slot now has a label with the size of the needle that belongs there. So If I can just stay organized and put them back into the right slow But beauty does not necessarily mean they will be good to knit with. We all know that looks will only take you so far in this world.

I need to put these puppies to work. What would be the best way to try out all the sizes in a relatively short time? Swatching!! ahhhaa!!! My house could probably be seen from outer space the light bulb came on so brightly!! Once a month for nearly 2 years now I have been receiving this really nice little packet in the mail from It contains 4 'swatch size' samples of the yarns they will be showcasing the following month, plus colour samples of each of the 4 yarns, plus a news letter that has pattern ideas for each of the yarns (and I wonder why Elann gets so much of my take home pay..but that's another story).

I started with the most recent envelope (obviously because it was still sitting on my desk in fairly easy reach). I swatched, and I swatched. And I now have a basket with 2 years worth of samples from Elann all swatched up and labelled.

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