Friday, October 26, 2007


(yeah, yeah, I know it's been almost a year...I forgot my password...;)

I've been doing way more knitting than stitching the last year...or two... so the past few weeks I've been going thru all my stitching stash and trying to be honest about what I will really stitch. I've weeded it down to the bare minimum to finish my WIPS and a couple dozen or so projects that I really love. How liberating!! I didn't realize just how oppressive it is to have all that stash waiting for my attention! It is a bit sad that all that empty space is very rapidly being filled with Knitting stash, which, by the way, takes up a lot more space that a stitching stash!

I've been selling my stitching stash off on the bay of evil (the_real_haze.) I've just about broken even on the buying and selling! Who ever says you can make a living selling on ebay lies!

I also am now on Ravelry! one word.. WOW!!!! It sure didn't take much to totally lose 4 hours of my life without realizing it! I can really see how I could spend way more time talking (or typing) and reading about knitting than actually doing it!

okay, that's the promised (to myself) post for today! I'm going to blog this weekend about my Master of Knitting Level One progress and I'm going to blog about my adventures in gardening!

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Patti Blaine said...

Hi Haze! I didn't know you blogged. :)

Ravelry is a great time-suck and yet a useful tool, which makes it more of a time-suck because I can sort of justify all the time I spend there. Sort of. It hasn't caused me to destashinate yet, but I can see the potential. Which is even more justification, right?